Meirion Williams (1901-1976)

Meirion Williams (1901-1976) was born in Dyffryn Ardudwy, and was introduced to music at an early age by his mother (Mary Elizabeth Williams, 1875-1947). After two years of musical studies with Walford Davies at the University of Aberystwyth he went on to study at the Royal Academy in London, where he won various prizes for playing the piano. He is regarded mainly as a song composer. In 1928 he settled in London as a freelance composer publishing a number of songs before his career was interrupted by the war in 1939.
Later, his reputation as an outstanding song composer was enhanced with three commissions given by the BBC, notably Adlewych in 1968. He extensively studied the works of such composers as Schubert, Richard Strauss, Wolf and Rachmaninov, and he wasn’t afraid of using some of their influences within his most successful songs. In addition, he was still attracted to the simple things of rural life. He was intrigued with flowers and also with the beauty and splendour of some of Gwynedd’s scenery, and after settling down in London it wasn’t a surprise that these images inspired The Blossoms by my Door, Rhosyn yr Haf, Y Llyn, Cwm Pennant and Aros Mae'r Mynyddau Mawr.

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