W.S. Gwynn Williams

Born in Llangollen, William Stanley Gwynn Williams (1896-1978) was without question one of the most influential musicians living and working in Wales in the twentieth century. He played a leading role in the activities of many of Wales’ most important musical organisations, with his extensive list of positions including Director of Music for the Gorsedd of Bards of the National Eisteddfod (from 1923), Secretary of the Welsh Folk Song Society (1932-1958), and editor for the journal (from 1946), Music Director of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod from its inception in 1947, Chairman of the Welsh Amateur Music Federation (from 1969) and Editor and the owner of Gwynn Publishing Company (from 1937).
He was a prolific composer and arranger mostly of songs and choral music, and a music historian of real distinction whose book Welsh National Music and Dance of 1932 is widely acknowledged as still being the most comprehensive concise history of music in the principality. Also highly influential have been his two volume Traditional Songs of the Welsh and the valuable collection the Harp Tunes of Wales of 1962.

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